Friday, February 1, 2008

New Friends

For the next few days, we have the honor of hosting these gorgeous girls:

And this lovable young man, Teddy Bear
Mitsy is such a character! She loves to hear her own voice. She's always grumbling about something and once she gets barking at something, you need to give her a REALLY good reason to stop. She's definitely a jester!
Teddy is a really sweet guy who is living in a foster situation with his fantastic (foster) mom, Caryn. He unfortunately has a very bad case of heart worms, but is undergoing treatment and is doing wonderfully. He really doesn't take your love and affection for granted and he's always by my side for head scratches and chest pats. Because of the heart worms, he can't run around and play with the other dogs like I know he wants to do, but he gets along with everyone pretty well and will calmly play with Cassie and gladly accepts her kisses (although he wasn't sure about that at first).

He's definitely a handsome and special boy and the person who gives him a forever home will undoubtedly be a lucky person!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bye Frida!

Late last night, we had to say goodbye to sweet little Frida. Her dads missed her so much that they had to come pick her up late at night after a long day of traveling.

But who would want to go more time without her sweet face! We'll be happy when she comes back!

Here are some glamour shots!

Tomorrow evening, Mitzy, Dixie, and Teddy Bear will be our guests!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I hate to disappoint, but getting Tex into the bathtub went so smoothly that I completely forgot to get a picture of him in the tub! He was a very good boy and definitely
one of the easiest dogs to bathe that I've ever encountered.
Here is is all cleaned up

His black fur is sooooo shiny - I just love the sheen.

His dad is going to pick him up any moment now, but I thought I'd share a clip of him having fun!

We can't wait to have him back over!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Big Tex

Yesterday brought a little bit of sunshine and also...TEX! This is one big guy. Farley definitely had some brawn, but Tex is one tall drink of water!
He's a sweetie and gets along really well with everyone.

He showed a little spunk in the house yesterday during his first hour or so, but since then has become as calm as can be. He's a big snuggler and at night he weasles his way under the blankets to keep warm and cuddle with us. We can completely trust him around the house and he's very good natured with Orion's consistent barks of "play with me!"...
...and Cassie's constant kisses!
I'm starting to think that she's just one big flirt!

And I'll leave you with this seems we've finally caught the three headed dog that dwells in these parts!

Cringe at its glowing eyes of terror!!

Coming soon: Bath Time for TEX!

Friday, January 25, 2008

See you later!

Yesterday, Oscar and Casey's dad came over to take them home. They were so happy to see him, but we were sad to see them go. They had such a good time here and we really enjoyed having them. We'll definitely see them again!

Frida was very unhappy that her little tryst with Oscar had to end so soon. She spent the next hour just hanging out on the back of the couch, heartbroken.

Just look at that sad face!!

But by afternoon, she was ready to have some fun! Can't spend your entire vacation thinking about the past.


Frida, Orion and Cassie spent a nice warm evening by the fire, fetching tennis balls, chewing on rope toys, and playing tug of war.

Today we're having another guest drop by for the weekend. His name is Tex and his dad should be bringing him by any moment now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rainy Days!


We've been wanting to take the dogs for a long walk at the park, but it's been so cold and rainy! So instead of a long, winding walk amongst the trees, we (and the dogs) have to settle for short, windy walks around the block. So they've been expending their energy indoors (which is fine by's COLD out there!)

Casey is a frisky gal. She LOVES chasing the tennis ball and bringing it back to you.

When they get tired of the ball, wrestling is usually their next activity. They run ALL over the place, jumping on couches and off onto the floor, then sliding on the floor into one another.

Then, they're pooped. And onto the couch they go to relax and catch up on some beauty sleep. (Don't worry, they usually leave a few inches for us on the end)

Who said rainy days inside have to be boring?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Goodbye Farley!

This boy went home today! He was very happy to go home to his family. We drove him back to his house and while we were still 1/2 mile away, he got all squiggly and started barking. He knew he was going home :)

Look how handsome he looks all cleaned up, too!

Lucky Dog offers bathing and other grooming services that benefit CTSPCA! One bath here at Lucky Dog will provide two vaccinations or one week of food for a deserving dog waiting for a new home :)

The dogs weren't very interested in going outside today. Maybe it was something in the air, or maybe they just wanted to watch football :P Either way, they spent most of their time relaxing with us on our couch. (Now you know why our couch is so long).

Frida likes to hang out on the back rest of the couch with our cat, Phoenix. She's ever so gradually taking over his spot.

We know this is a late post, but we were caught up in the big game. GO GIANTS!